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few things going on-1

1. last year, before we moved into our new apartment, i shared a post about grace’s minimalist nursery.  apparently it’s been a big hit on pinterest!! a few weeks ago, PARENTS.COM asked me if they could do a feature on grace’s room.  i of course said YES and the nursery is now live on their website!!! it’s my first official feature and it’s really exciting.  i think the nicest part of it is that the purpose of that post was for us to document graces first bedroom and somehow it became an inspiration to others. so exciting!

2. the summer issue of Deeply Rooted has been released and my middle eastern inspired lamb kabobs made their appearance (thanking my arabic roots for the inspiration).  the magazine is geared towards Christian wives and mothers and it’s loaded with helpful tips, recipes, stories and advise all which is Christ centered and edifying.  if you don’t have a copy yet here’s how you can get your hands on one. also you can follow them on instagram, facebook and pinterest!!!

3. father’s day flew past us in June (i know i’m a bit behind) but not before ale’s favorite burgers made it to the Deeply Rooted blog! i won ale’s heart about 7 years ago when i made him these tex-mex inspired cilantro burgers and he’s been hooked on them ever since.  there are also a few lines on what it means to be a father and what the Bible says about being fathers.

4. i passed my boards and have been on cloud nine since. thank you all for the emails, texts, IG and FB support and for congratulating me on passing… it means the world!  now i’m on to trying to find a job… so if anyone in the south florida area know of any hospitals interested in hiring a new (but very excited and enthusiastic) grad… please shoot me an email at aleandtere@yahoo.com thanks 100X!



first off we wanted to thank you guys for all of the emails/facebook comments/ calls/ texts and just overall sweetness towards us on our baby #2 announcement. really… i think that was one of the best days we’ve had in a while. you were all so kind to comment and leave us sweet messages, it just made us incredibly happy. we’re always grateful for this blogging outlet and for all the support and positive feedback that we’ve gotten about our stories, thoughts and pictures. thank you for letting us share them with you and for reading them!

summer has been really good to us. i’ve been home with grace and we have been soaking up every bit of play time we can. so far, we’ve been sleeping way passed our normal wake up time and have spent our days in pajamas eating pancakes for dinner and making up our own schedules. i don’t think i’ve had a summer like this one since i was 13 and it has been more than wonderful.

IMG_9852PicMonkey Collage- fourthIMG_9766PicMonkey Collage 7IMG_9886

^^we spent the 4th of july with our family packing up the kiddos and walking over to our city’s annual celebration.^^PicMonkey Collage fourth 9

^^best seats in the house this year.  we were able to see the fireworks off our balcony.  grace loved them so much she’s been asking to see fireworks since. she keeps saying “can we see them next year?”  i’ve been trying to explain to her how long a year is but it’s not going so well.^^

IMG_9800PicMonkey Collage fourth 6IMG_9755IMG_9763IMG_9834 PicMonkey Collage fourth 8IMG_9876

^^these two cuties are getting married a week from saturday!!! woohoo!!^^PicMonkey Collage fourth5

^^we’re spending so much time down at the pool this summer. i think this pregnancy has me craving the smell of hawaiian tropic sun tan lotion and pineapple body spray… i can’t get enough of either! ^^

PicMonkey Collage fourth2IMG_9613

^^this little lady turns 3 today!!! happy birthday ellie belly!!!^^ PicMonkey Collage fourth 3

^^this is tia sammy… she’s the coolest and prettiest mother of two and a super awesome swimming teacher^^


^^we accidentally ended up at the seaquarium this past week.  we had plans of going strawberry picking but once we got the farm, it was completely deserted.  we had already made the drive down to miami and going to the seaquarium was the next best thing!^^


^^grace loved it!! she saw all kinds of fish, sea lions, turtles and for some reason has been asking to watch ariel (although she was nowhere to be found in the park) so we’ve been watching the little mermaid and skipping through the ursula parts because she’s also going through a “mommy it’s scary” phase. also how beautiful is ale’s mom ivis?? i know that people have crazy relationships with their inlaws… but not me.  she’s the best mother-in-law anyone could ever ask for AND she’s crazy about grace.  i don’t think there’s much more i can ask for. ^^

PicMonkey Collage SEAQIMG_0154

^^i’ve never been a fan of summer.  mainly because it’s sooooo hot in florida and i’ve usually been super busy working or going to school… but i can get used to summers like this one. here’s to making tons of memories!!! ^^


our dearest baby,

we’re so humbled that God has allowed your papa and i to be parents again. thank you sweet baby. your have filled our hearts with so much love already, it’s hard to believe you’ve only been with us a short while.

i can’t wait to hold you and smell you and kiss you and let you sleep in my arms.

until then, we’ll keep on thinking of what to name you and dream about what you’ll look like.  your papa, big sister and i can’t wait to meet you.  we talk about you all the time. gracie kisses you and wants to play with you as soon as you get here… so keep growing big and strong and we’ll see you in january!

p.s: please be nice to your sweet momma these next few months. thanks!

we love you!



for the past seven apartments we’ve lived in, the last room that we get around to decorating is our bedroom. it could be because most of the clean, dry and unfolded laundry always happens to find it’s place on our bed. or maybe because it’s by far the hardest room in the house to actually keep organized. for whatever reason, it’s always been our black sheep room and the last room anyone sees when they visit. you know, the one you have to show out of courtesy when giving the grand tour but out of embarrassment you awkwardly smile while shutting the door behind you. yea… that’s my bedroom.

i was recently introduced to Tiny Prints, an online website where you can find unique designs for invitations, thank you cards, announcements and even home decor. it was the perfect place to find the inspiration and the motivation i needed to get out of my seven year bedroom decorating rut.

IMG_9372i had a blast looking through the Tiny Print website.  they have so many beautiful design options to choose from and although there were a few designs that sparked my interest it all clicked for me when i came across this really beautiful ipad case called spirited sparkles. the polkadots were glittery, elegant and reminded me of gold polka dot art work i worked on a while back.  also the case itself looked sturdy enough to handle our toddler and after personalizing it with a picture that our friends jon and marie took of us last year.  it was perfect! IMG_9379PicMonkey Collage- tp4PicMonkey Collage- tp1IMG_9352IMG_9336 we spend a lot of time in this room and wanted to keep it as simple as possible so we opted for a clean and minimalist design.  that way when the clothes pile up on the bed (because it’s inevitable) the room won’t feel so cluttered.   IMG_9334because we’re on a tight budget, i’ve always tried to decorate with what we already have on hand.  in the past we’ve used a lot of gold, silver and a neutral palate to decorate around our home which worked perfect in this space. PicMonkey Collage- tp3so far the room is working for us.  everything has a purpose and the space is serene and relaxing. IMG_9424PicMonkey Collage- tp 2here’s to inspiration that shows up in all shapes and sizes and to those who give you the freedom to express yourself through something as tiny as an iPad case.  thanks Tiny Prints!